The Finnish Lancashire Heeler Club

Welcome to the homepage of the Finnish Lancashire Heeler Club. This site contains information on current issues and events, the club, and the Lancashire Heeler breed. The site is updated regularly and it will be developed in the future. All images on this site are protected by copyright law, and use of them without permission is forbidden.

The Finnish Lancashire Heeler Club was formed 24.11.2002 and registered 28.3.2003. In 2004 the Club became a member of the Finnish Companion Dog Association, which represents the Lancashire Heeler breed in the Finnish Kennel Club. At the end of 2008 the breed club had approximately 160 members.

The Club magazine is published four times a year. The yearly summaries contain information on the breed registries, health issues, and statistics. The Finnish Kennel Club runs a nearly real-time Breeding Database at This site contains Lancashire Heeler related statistics, including summaries.

The Finnish Lancashire Heeler Club activities cover the whole country. The forms of activity have traditionally included various meetings such as Heeler summer camps, Christmas parties, and trials in different dog sports.

We wish all new members welcome to the Finnish Lancashire Heeler Club! For more information on membership, please see members.